Cycling towards a better future

Helsinki–Porvoo Roundtrip
Saturday 31st of August, 2024

What is the Suomen Metsä organization?

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Suomen Metsä is a charity organization established in 2022, aimed at safeguarding Finland’s forests. In collaboration with the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, we will ensure all donations go directly to the protection of the forests. We buy forest for protection: Suomen Metsä is 100% non-profit!

Through various projects and events that Suomen Metsä organizes, we bring people together and raise awareness towards our common goal. In 2023, Suomen Metsä organized its first event, a welfare cycling, where close to 120 people and more than a dozen partners participated.

Cycling Event 2024


Saturday, 31st of August, 2024


115 km community cycling event from Helsinki to Porvoo and back


Departure time and place TBA


To raise money and awareness towards protecting Finland’s forests

Frequently asked questions

No, this is a community cycling event and a campaign to raise awareness for deforestation. Participants are welcomed to decide their pace based on their abilities.

At the collective stops (TBA) we will have water supplies. The participants will take care of their food and snacks themselves.

Definitely! Anyone is welcome to participate with any kind of bicycle, but we encourage the use of an e-bike if you feel like the entire trip is too demanding on a normal bicycle.

We are working on the best solution for this matter.

Please visit our Facebook event page or contact us via email at should you have any questions!

The team behind it all

We are not defined by traditional professions or scientific backgrounds; rather, our mission is to proactively contribute to a better future, and more. Operating entirely on a pro bono basis, we do not seek financial compensation for our efforts. 

While each team member maintains a primary professional commitment, we concurrently develop Suomen Metsä with unwavering dedication and goodwill. Bellow is a picture taken of the team from last years event. 

Founder & Partnerships

Robbie Ekblom, Jr.


Henrik Rouhesmaa


Katariina Latvala


Nicolas Lampenius


Martti Koivisto

Art director

Sebastian Björkman

IT INfrastructure

Alexander Nyberg

UX Design

Anton Nordlin

Past events

Suomen Metsä organized a welfare cycling from Helsinki to Hanko on the 27th of May 2023. The route, which spanned more than 150 km, was designed so every participant got to experience the beautiful and unique nature of southern Finland, which also was the focus of the cycling.

Close to 120 cyclists were sent off by the Mayor of Helsinki, Juhana Vartiainen, in front of Helsinki central library. When the cyclists arrived in Hanko 9 hours later, they were welcomed by a heartwarming speech by the former Mayor of Hanko, Denis Strandell.

Our partners

We are deeply grateful to our partners: without you, our operations would not be possible.
Our partners share our values and are equally motivated to protect our environment.

Anyone can apply to become a partner! However, we strongly require the same values: nature conservation must be really important to you, and greenwashing will not be tolerated.

Our partners help e.g. with a common goal, organizing events, support or visibility. Of course, you can also suggest ways in which you would support our activities.

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